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There are also disadvantages to internal control. When using Excel each department and employee manages it individually so it is not possible to check whether it is being used appropriately. As a result there is a risk that employees may remove data illegally or accidentally lose it. On the other hand CRM tools provide an environment in which data can be managed safely which helps strengthen governance. Benefits of using CRM One of the benefits of using CRM is the ability to centrally manage customer information.

In addition to being able to easily share information online you can also expect to improve customer satisfaction by responding appropriately to customers. Centralized management of customer information In the past it was common for customer information to be siloed because it was managed by individual sales representatives. Since the infor sweden phone number list mation is dispersed there was a disadvantage that it could not be used immediately when needed. On the other hand CRM can centrally manage customer information.  so it can be retrieved quickly when necessary. In addition you will be able to analyze data such as past purchase history and inquiry content understand customer needs and make the best proposals. Customer information can be shared between departments Information managed in CRM can be shared online. All departments including marketing sales and customer support can share information and the latest customer information is immediately reflected. If information is not shared between departments it invites risks such as omissions and duplicate responses.

If you have a CRM you can avoid such risks because you can grasp the status of past inquiries. In addition even when the person in charge is not available it is possible to take appropriate measures while viewing customer information. improve customer satisfaction The use of CRM can be expected to have the effect of increasing customer satisfaction. For example by grasping needs from customer information it is possible to provide information and best proposals tailored to individual customers which can be expected to improve satisfaction.


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