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However, current vibrotactile rendering algorithms are limited in producing high-fidelity tactile sensations. Region-based algorithms offer low-latency tactile fidelity through real-time interactions by simply rendering to the actuator that represents the touched region (Huisman et al., 2013; García-Valle et al., 2016). However, prior research has demonstrated that the resolution of the mapped regions has a significant effect on the quality of the tactile stimuli perceived (Tang et al., 2017). Hence, region-based algorithms require greater tactile resolution to afford high-fidelity tactile stimuli. On the other hand, researchers have demonstrated that apparent tactile motions can be effective with low-resolution tactile displays.

Israr and Poupyrev (2011b) specifically developed the Tactile Brush algorithm to provide smooth, high-fidelity tactile stimuli with grid-based tactile displays. However, the Tactile Brush algorithm cannot be used to render real-time interactions because it requires a complete input pattern before it can compute its Spain phone number list four-step process. In this paper, we discuss the development of a new real-time vibrotactile rendering algorithm designed to produce smooth, high-fidelity tactile stimuli. The first iteration of the algorithm was based on the same energy model that Israr and Poupyrev (2011b) used to calculate the locations of their phantom actuators.

However, in a preliminary study, we found that users struggled to accurately recognize tactile patterns rendered by this Energy algorithm, in comparison to the original Tactile Brush. In the second iteration of the algorithm, we used syncopations in the rendered amplitude to produce artificial perceptual anchors, similar to those created by Cholewiak and Collins (2003). Dramatically improved the recognition quality of the Energy algorithm. To evaluate the efficacy of our new real-time algorithm, we conducted two user studies to compare the recognition accuracy and perceived continuity of our Syncopated Energy algorithm to a Grid Region algorithm.


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