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The dramatic thing is that after a period of time, you will find that the cross-border media keeps breaking out that a certain company defaults on the supplier's payment, that a certain company has run away, that the boss of a certain company has been arrested, and that a certain service provider has closed down. I don't understand, the big guys who were talking on the stage before, where are they playing? Independent thinking is more important than reading it has to be said that most sellers in the cross-border industry lack the ability to think independently. In the cross-border industry, people follow what others say, and following the trend and selling is a common norm.

A few days ago, a reader shared with me his personal experience of participating in a certain sharing session, summed up the "Leek theory" point of view, and determined not to participate in this kind Austria phone number list of sharing session again. Probably because most users worship the words of the so-called industry bosses too much. For example, the boss said that the promotion effect of a certain channel is surprisingly good. The influence of the bosses should not be underestimated. There are a large number of users at every turn. Since there are swarms of swarms, they are swarmed by the way, and then they are frozen, the money is spent, and the account is hung up.

It is commonly known as "Leek theory". For some sellers who are more rational and have at least some independent thinking and risk prevention awareness, they will look at this matter from different angles. They will go to google to search for reviews from overseas sellers, and they will go to youtube to find similar videos. Interpretation will combine the actual situation of your own business to judge whether this method is suitable for you, and will even fully consider the various risks and routine factors that may exist behind it. Of course, completing these background checks does take a lot of time and effort and background analysis is a very basic job, but it is also the most easily overlooked job.


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