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Payoneer users' funds are almost stolen speaking of passwords, how many sellers’ mailboxes, amazon accounts, collection accounts, and qq mailboxes all share the same password? I can probably guess that this group must not be a minority. Think about it, if sellers can be more aware of security precautions in mailbox management, maybe they won't let hackers succeed so easily. Problems with payoneer security here I have to say that payoneer is very lacking in account security. The whole thing made me have to re-evaluate whether I should continue to use the payoneer account.
Payoneer allows free transfers between accounts allowing transfers between accounts is a  risk, because when users transfer money between accounts, they can easily transfer the money in the account to other third-party accounts with almost no restrictions. After all, it involves Vietnam phone number list money payment. If payoneer can have an additional line of defense like domestic banks, and can conduct sms verification or app authorization verification, the money will not be transferred so easily. 2. Payoneer can withdraw money under the wrong name many people don't know that the payoneer account registered with your name can actually be bound to other people's bank accounts for cash withdrawal.

Of course, this is still a matter of convenience for users, but it also leaves a security risk because of the imprecise verification. This kind of disputes caused by wrong name withdrawal has happened in the past. If you are interested, you can search for it yourself. 3. Payoneer's customer localization processing payoneer customer service chinese hotline: (beijing time monday to thursday 9:00 – 20:00, friday 9:00 – 17:00) payoneer's chinese customer service phone is unavailable on weekends and non-working hours. Even if the account funds are stolen, there is no domestic customer service that can provide direct support.


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