Can Bulk Email Marketing Make Your Rich?

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So, 2020 isset to be a big year for the adoption of send-time optimization. BrandonThreinen from Trinity also expects to see more marketers taking advantage ofsend time optimization. Personalization is huge in email marketing right nowand the importance will only increase in the coming years. More than ever, weare sending emails based on when subscribers are most likely to open. We cannow use an individual’s history to create a send time adapting to their habits.This will lead to higher open rates and conversions when combined withpersonalized content and visuals. Wearables will enable more personalizationAnother way we can expect emails to become even more personal is with the riseof wearables.

Not onlyare smart watches and fitness Canada Email List trackers collecting more data, but also presentnew challenges for adapting email content to such small displays. Think mobileresponsiveness taken to the next level. Here’s what impact Iryna Lurchenko fromMadison/Miles Media predicts wearables will have: Marketers will likely be ableto access more data, including users’ location, from wearable devices. Theymight be able to format emails, depending on where consumers read them. Emailrecipients might see a full email on their computer and only a subject line anda call to action on their smartwatch. To make the most of these opportunities,marketers should do their research on how wearable technology can integratewith their email marketing strategy.

JohnnySantiago from Social Catfish backs this up with his prediction. There will beeven more opportunities for making your email marketing messages more personalthrough integrating your email marketing software or CRM with wearable andmobile devices. Such as through using location-tracking better by using datafrom wearable and other mobile devices and reformat emails depending on whatdevices your subscribers read them. For example, a subscriber might see a fullemail on a desktop, but only a subject line on a wearable device. Interactiveand dynamic content within emails The days of static emails are numbered.George Hartley from SmartrMail sees a future where emails behave increasinglylike websites.


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