It is an ERP that has a free cashier that issues invoices and tax

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Nex The first steps to using Nex Nex is a commercial management system with a free version that includes sales control features, product, customer and supplier registration, online catalog and sales application. To take advantage of all the functionalities of the Nex POS module, such as controlling stock, issuing invoices or using the program in more than one terminal, it is necessary to migrate to one of the paid solutions. The more robust version also offers credit control, payment methods and report creation. Nex is available for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and for PC use (Windows version only). 4. Follow Lite Presentation of how to generate sales at the Sige Lite POS Sige Lite is another free POS option on the list that offers all of its functions at no cost. coupons (NFC-e CF-e).
The tool also offers functionalities for controlling payable and receivable accounts, as well as credit management (which is offered as store credit). The program needs to be installed and is available for Windows, Mac or Linux. As it works offline, it allows the business to continue performing functions, such as sales or issuing invoices and coupons, even without any internet connection. The free version offers sales reporting, but you can access Phone Number List customized versions through the paid plan. 5. SmartPOS SmartPOS tutorial that explains how to make sales through the POS The free version of the program has basic functions, such as registering products and customers, recording sales, editing payment types, receiving cards and sales reports. For more robust functions, such as the tax module, inventory control system , credit management and invoice issuance, the user must choose one of the tool's premium plans.

SmartPOS has a web version, can be downloaded on Windows and also has an application for Android and iOS. In the free option it is not possible to integrate the PC and smartphone versions. Receiving a product or service regularly for a fixed payment seems to be a model already accepted by many Brazilian consumers. That's because new Capterra online survey on subscription-based businesses shows that 9 out of 10 respondents (94%) have some kind of subscription, either to access services or to receive products. This form of consumption is part of the so-called recurrence economy , a term used to characterize structured services based on the subscription method whose price system is established on consumption – and not on ownership. In short, the consumer contracts to use the model for a certain period of time, while the contract is in force, without this meaning a permanent purchase of.

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