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The enterprise version is group connectors and monitoring tools We can tell you more on an individual basis. question. Is there an example of integrating framework with product line Pavel Groove. You can integrate in different scenarios it all depends on the situation. For example you can use standard generic interfaces. A dedicated processor allows you to connect to adjacent sources using protocols or services. This way you can upload information from to storage or reload from off-the-shelf calculations. There are examples used in production. Another option is to independently develop a custom integration interface based on itself. It is a well-known player in the digital insurance market.

It has created a based infrastructure for developing whatsapp mobile number list and launching customer services in an efficient manner in a record time of just four months. The project enables the company to accelerate the digitization of insurance with all services implemented online. Since then the insurance company has been operating in the Russian market. An ambitious goal was set in its management to completely transition to a transparent digital service in a builder format without any conventional paper workflow. Such processes require a complex infrastructure based on micro services, so it was decided to look for a partner who could take over its creation and maintenance.

The client decided to deploy a micro services environment in the cloud in order to develop, test and effectively use a digital insurance service using an open source version of the product. The cloud service team was selected as the contractor. The infrastructure deployment based on three data centers makes it almost fault-tolerant. In addition, the provider's specialists created a cluster for the mobile application to work with and provide object storage for storing backups. Cloud services provide infrastructure monitoring and management support in the form of managed services.


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