Investment in strategic sectors of the us economy

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On january , , d  Trump set a % tariff on solar panels imported into the country; the tariff will be valid for years, decreasing by % annually to the level of %  In addition, a tariff was set for the import of large household washing machines (for the first   million imported - %, for the next - %); this tariff will be valid for years and will also be who mobile number list have gradually reduced to % for the first   million vehicles and to % for subsequent ones  China, the world leader in solar cell manufacturing, expressed its "Great disappointment" with the us move
In march , a us trade representative investigation into china's intellectual property theft found that china was engaging in discriminatory practices that harmed us commerce  On march , donald trump decided to prepare and publish a list of duties that will be increased in connection with the results of the investigation, as well as to initiate proceedings on the revealed facts within the wto and consider measures related to limiting china's

In april, a list of about , items was released for import duties from china to increase by %  The list included a variety of goods — electronics, aircraft parts, satellites, medical supplies, hardware, and more — totaling about $ billion in us imports from china
On april , china responded to the actions of the americans by imposing additional duties on meat, fruits and other goods imported from the united states  In particular, a % duty was imposed on pork products and aluminum scrap, and a % duty on about different goods (from nuts to apples and berries)  Imports of such goods to china from the united states amounted to $ billion in  
On june , , there were reports that the us president was preparing to introduce customs duties in the amount of % on a number of goods from china worth a total of $ billion  The tariffs are motivated both by the defense of the american manufacturer and by chinese accusations of intellectual property infringement.


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