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Video This format allows you to promote short videos or slideshows. carousel this is a type of ad in which we can present up to images or videos each with its own link. This allows, for example, to show several products covered by the promotion or new products in the offer as part of one advertisement. instant material a format designed for mobile devices. If the user clicks on our ad, a full screen environment appears where you can show images, videos, products or place a form. Collection An ad that opens as an instant clip to show multiple products.

Recipients can conveniently browse products on mobile devices and make purchases as part of advertising. In the case of Instagram Ads, we can also use the graphic, video and carousel formats, and additionally whatsapp mobile number list choose whether we want to display the ad in News Feed or Insta Stories. Benefits of Facebook and Instagram Ads An online advertising campaign conducted using Facebook has similar advantages as in the case of Google Ads. It is a relatively cheap advertisement in which we pay for the effects, enabling precise selection of the target group and remarketing.

This system also gives access to a large number of statistics and allows you to control expenses at every stage of the campaign. What is particularly worth paying attention to when using the Facebook advertising platform is the option to select the Lookalike Audience target group. Thanks to it, we do not have to choose on our own what characteristics the users to whom the advertisement should be displayed should have. The system will do it for us, selecting recipients as similar as possible to our current customers.


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