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On average the COFIDE site generated monthly visits to the portal which meant that in terms of SEO the site could not achieve a good authority in the domain. Here the important thing was to start generating valuable content and thought strategically to start positioning in Google through information that was of interest to buyer personas. How do we face the challenges of COFIDE? Each one of the challenges and problems.

That COFIDE presented was intelligently identified by our specialists and based on the company's needs we were able to devise a plan to attack the deficiencies. Among the proposals that [size=14.6667px]Whatsapp Mobile Number List were implemented together to solve the problems obtaining good results are the following. An education platform “COFIDEnet” As we mentioned above having a practical educational digital platform was essential for this client.


Originally the user purchased a course and was given a password to access the platform but the support material exams and certificates were sent independently hindering the process. Asset - All these elements which are important lived outside the CODIFE website. Therefore we provide a solution focused on customer needs and improving the user experience.  was to build an educational portal with HubSpot's CMS combined with Vimeo.


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