Student exchange between study programs in the same tertiary institution

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Unlike most student exchange programs, Merdeka Campus makes it easy for students to transfer credit earned from the exchange destination campus to their own campus. That way, students don't need to worry and feel in vain undergoing student exchanges. Moreover, in most cases, student exchange students need to repeat courses on campus and make their study period longer. This program is also not limited to a narrow scope. In more detail, the Merdeka Campus facilitates several types of student exchanges, namely.

Student exchange in the same study program at different universities; Student exchange between study programs at different tertiary institutions Student exchange at selected international Phone Number List campuses (Indonesia International Student Mobility Awards) 2. Internship/Work Practice Internship Independent Campus Generally, internships or work practices are limited to 3-6 months. With such a short time, students usually do not really understand the industry in which they do their internship. Moreover, to gain experience and competence according to the industry.

On the other hand, there are also many companies that admit that short internship times are also a hassle. The effort made to transfer knowledge to students is not comparable to the output obtained. That's why the Merdeka Campus designed an internship program for 1-2 semesters. That way, students can really get enough experience and skills in the industry they are interested in. In addition, there are also opportunities for students with good internship performance to be recruited by companies. 3. Teaching Assistance in Education Units/Teaching Campuses teaching campus This Merdeka Campus Program provides an opportunity for students to contribute to the world of Indonesian education. Students will be asked to become partners of teachers or instructors at various levels of education.


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