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Now I have a plan for points monitoring the content of the plan on whatman paper Everything is simple here, I look at the content plan Exel file and after writing the post I put a tick on the paper. Visually, it helps me to always be one step closer to the goal. The same scheme can be applied when working with a content plan for Instagram. A moment of conversation about the format As for the format, I’ll say right away choose the one with which you will be comfortable working.

Write at least some notes on the phone, even on a piece of paper during the tea break. A common option is an Excel spreadsheet. instagram post plan for one month Download whatsapp mobile number list template In it, when creating a content plan for Instagram, fill in the columns with the day of the week, the time of publication, where you will post and the description of the publication here we write the topic that you came up with. it is very convenient to insert ready made posts here the text is completely decorated with invisible spaces, and the photo with the preset already applied.

The second option is to maintain a virtual calendar, where you just need to add topics for messages depending on the day of the week. Holidays are convenient to celebrate so that you can congratulate or set the theme of the post in a different color. Perfect for creating a monthly content plan and demonstrating that you haven't gone too far with any type of content. monthly content plan for instagram template Take Such a thing would also be convenient below in the screenshot. This is the blueprint for your titles and more. Write down what you need to do every day, at the end of every week monthly quarterly.

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