Contact center in the digital age: objectives

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The customer (and his experience) has become the center of everything and the objective is clear: to retain him so that the relationship with the company is maintained over time. Contact center in the digital age: customer satisfaction at the center of everything In this sense, at a time when the digital coexists with the physical (a combination that, as you know, can be summarized in the term "phygital" ), the most important challenge for a contact center is to take advantage of new technologies in such a way that the customer experience is at the center of everything and that the customer feels comfortable and sure that they will get a solution to their problem. The priorities, in this sense, can be summarized in the following points.

Automation: the number of interactions (both in call volume and in contact through emails or social networks) has increased considerably today, with the consequent increase in waiting times. By automating different processes through RPA solutions (integrated thanks to a contact) on good soft times are speeded up, agents also become much Phone Number List more efficient. Humanization: the digital age should never, in any case, dehumanize interpersonal relationships between agents and users. The challenge, in this sense, is to take advantage of the new communication companions to users throughout the customer journey . humanizing interactions, empathizing with them and, ultimately, making communication close, fluid and, ultimately human.

Omnichannel: and in the customer experience as the center of the company in this digital era,it is key to establish a unified marketing strategy, where contact through all channels is not independent Contact center in the digital age: internal challenges In order to address these priorities, companies must be able to cope with the rapid and constant evolution of digitization. , some of the challenges they must face are: Shortage of professionals with “tech” profiles: it may seem strange, but it is. Despite the high demand for professionals with a digital profile (one of the most in demand in 2022), the The truth is that there are not enough digital profiles (especially taking into account the multigenerational team that makes up many companies).


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