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Technologies And Supports Stefan In The Selection And Implementation Of The Central Business Solution . Like A Child At Christmas, The Project Manager Is Looking Forward To Next Monday Morning, When He Will Present The New Tool To His Team. But Unfortunately Everything Turns Out Very Differently. Colleagues Acknowledge Stefan's Enthusiastic Speech With Mute Frowns And Distant Reserve. After 6 Weeks, Hardly Anyone Has Switched To The New Software. When Asked, Most Of Them React Evasively And Mumble A Little About The Lack Of Time And Super-urgent Tasks. What Went Wrong? Why Employees Often Reject New.

Technologies The Reason Why Colleagues Have Reacted So Dismissively To The New Tool Is Probably Obvious:  Intentions, He Should Have Involved The Team Earlier In The Process Rather Than Throwing The Innovation At Their Disposal Without Warning. However, There Are Other Reasons Employees Struggle To Embrace New Latest Mailing Database Technology: Personal Insecurity The Fear Of Their Own Incompetence Or Of Uncovering Poorly Functioning Processes Prevents Many From Opening Up To A New Technology In The Company.  Lack Of Training It Happens Time And Again That No Training Courses Are Availabl

Or In The Hectic Everyday Work There Seems To Be No Time Left Or Made Available For Them Well-established Processes In Many Companies, An Established Infrastructure With Monolithic Systems, A Multi-generational Workforce Or A Belief In “never Change A Running System” Result In Too Little Flexibility In The Processes And A Reluctance To Accept New Technologies. Private Use Of Tools When Employees Feel That Their Needs And Concerns Regarding It Solutions And Work Processes Are Not Being Heard, They Tend To Act On Their Own. They Use Private Tools That They Know From Their Personal.


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