How to create better SEO content in 2023

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If you want your content to achieve a high position in the Google search engine, make sure that the content meets the Page Quality guidelines.

Your Money Your Life content – ​​SEO content in sensitive industries
YMYL content is content that deals with a topic that affects mobile number list the life and financial status of an Internet user. A perfect example of this are the texts about:

health and diet,
legal regulations,
stock exchange,
advice that can be costly to use (e.g. advice on building a house).
Websites that do not comply with the guidelines referred to as EEAT and Page Quality may have problems with building visibility in the search engine. This trend is especially common with YMYL themes. To meet the expectations of the search engine, you should:

regularly update and edit YMYL content to keep it up-to-date,
necessarily indicate the sources of published information, paying even more attention to this aspect than in the case of content that is not classified as YMYL,
publish content created by experienced and trusted experts in a given field.
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Valuable content, trust and authority are built in the long term. It's a process you won't accomplish in the blink of an eye. So  take care of your service now.

Authority and SEO
All indications are that authority (of both the domain and the author) matters in SEO, and over time these aspects will most likely become even more important. This is a natural consequence of how the Google search engine approaches the way of displaying results - the messages are clear and clear: "we want to provide users with valuable content, tailored to their intentions." And this means that website owners must take care of the authority of the website and the reputation of the authors publishing the content.


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