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Other relevant factors are bandwidth to make sure there is no limit to the number of downloads storage capacity so you can keep all audio files and don't have to delete anything reputation to make sure the platform is trustworthy and any free ones Services e.g. some hosts offer a free website dedicated to a podcast. Edit and upload the podcast You can edit your recordings with audio editing software . The next step is to upload them to the hosting platform of your choice. Some platforms also offer you the opportunity to publish information about your podcast create a user profile and use other marketing tools and connect you with other podcast creators.

Once the podcast is uploaded your podcast hosting platform can create a link or code that you can embed on your website for promotional purposes. Starting your own podcast the key points A podcast can be a promising way to grab your audience's attention and provide them with value. Regularity is important here Make sure that you can Specific Database record and upload new episodes at regular intervals. Once you've established a solid relationship with your audience you can also use the podcast to promote your website or products if you wish to further fuel your business growth.

As Gartner notes interest in subscriptions has surged especially during the pandemic. And this trend will continue and spread to various industries. By  an estimated  of BC companies will offer subscription-based services  but only  will be able to retain their customers report available to Gartner clients only. Subscriptions bring recurring revenue and more frequent customer retention which allows businesses to increase revenue. Captera conducted a subscription commerce survey to understand the current state of subscriptions and user intent. The survey is aimed at consumers in Germany who frequently buy products and services online. In this article we present the results of the more than  participants surveyed.


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