Examples include consumer data, marketing data, or employee data

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NoSQL Databases NoSQL database is one type of database that is very flexible, because it is non-relational . In other words, the database doesn't follow any particular schema. That is why NoSQL databases are often used to process large amounts of data. Especially if the majority of the data is unstructured and stored on several virtual servers. Some examples of NoSQL databases include MongoDB and CouchDB . 6. Operational Database As the name implies, the operational database functions to store data related to the operational activities of a business.

Operational database can also work in real time . So, users can add, delete or edit their data in real time too. 7. Object-oriented databases Object-oriented database is a database that is generally used to process complex data Phone Number List objects. This type of database is also made based on object-oriented programming, so data and all of its attributes will be bound as one object. Since this database is based on object-oriented programming, you can operate it with an object-oriented programming language such as C++ or Java. 8.

Cloud Databases Instead of storing data on a single server, Cloud database stores data in the cloud or virtual space. Thus, the accessibility of the data becomes easier and also stable. Apart from stability, another benefit that can be felt from a cloud database is its performance. Because these databases tend to have quite a large capacity and bandwidth. Some examples of cloud databases are Amazon Relational Database Service and Microsoft Azure Database SQL . 9. Relational Databases Relational database stores data in tabular form.


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