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The tool displays related words and phrases, to target the exact terminology that segment is using to search for a concept, and then displays the most popular (most downloaded) images, videos, and illustrations to see literally how that segment is viewing a concept. The more data you can find about what your audience wants to see, the better prepared you will be to offer interesting content, and above all relevant to your audience.If you're a soccer fan, you know that the final of the UEFA Women's Championship was played recently.

Despite breaking attendance, viewing and social media buzz records with an image, it seems that brands are still asleep and ignore the potential of creating phone number list women's sports content let's take a look at the case. Chloe Kelly scored what would be the winning goal for the Lionesses of England against Germany. The player celebrated by taking off her jersey and twirling it over her head like a flag and running down the field while her teammates followed her. A typical football image.and it went around the world! Some commenters made inappropriate statements about Kelly's underwear, once again demonstrating the complete inequity in coverage of women's sports content.

And yes, just like in men's soccer, on the pitch the action had its repercussions with a yellow card, to which Kelly reacted with an expression of joy. Nothing and no one could take away the happiness of the championship. The importance of a single image in content I had no idea the magnitude of taking my shirt off would be, and what it would do to women. Kelly to UK Daily Mail This reporter from The Times even got the moment tattooed and shared it on her networks, of course earning her RT from Chloe. A window of opportunity  article for TriplePundit , women's sports content pales in comparison to men's. Women athletes only represent % of the images used by the media.

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