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If a company has a lot of good reviews, chances are there will be a lot of applications saying I want to work here! Components of Employee Satisfaction There are several factors that make up employee satisfaction. We make a comprehensive analysis to determine whether employees are satisfied with the company. What are the specific factors? Here are five factors that make up employee satisfaction. : Empathize with the corporate philosophy If employees can understand what is the goal of running the company? management philosophy resonates. If you understand your company's vision and goals, and your employees empathize with them, you'll be able to avoid stressful situations where you're forced to do things you don't want to do. An organization that highly agrees with its corporate philosophy has excellent cohesion and low turnover rate.

However forcing people to subscribe to a management philosophy is strictly prohibited. If you force your employees to work according to the company's situation, say Please understand the company's management philosophy and work! It's important for employees to feel for themselves that they want to contribute mobile number list their best to the achievement of company goals, so it's important to know the difference between the two. : Satisfaction with rewards and benefits Satisfaction with compensation and benefits is one area where employees tend to feel valued for their work. Many of our employees recognize that work is not just about having fun, but about making a living. What is important to this type of people is the treatment aspects such as compensation and benefits.

Employee satisfaction is greatly influenced by factors such as whether employees are paid a reasonable salary for their work and whether they are provided with adequate benefits. However, just because a company offers more compensation and benefits doesn't necessarily mean employees are happier. In addition to monetary rewards, it is more important to emphasize empathy for corporate philosophy, improvement of the working environment, and fair evaluation of results, thereby increasing work motivation. : Results of my work Another important factor is the results of your work. If you don't know how your work contributes to society and company performance, you won't feel it's rewarding, which will cause you to quit your job.


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