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Inconsultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to move to a support pointon the Polish side of the border that day. It happened the day after theinvasion.' At the same time, the ambassador decided to maintain the supportpoint in Lviv so that it could function as a refuge for the Ukrainian employeeswho could not or did not want to leave Ukraine. Men between 18 and 60 could notleave the country. Furnished office in a wine bar The hotel in Poland wasovercrowded, but Ole Egberg Mikkelsen was given the opportunity to get officespace in the hotel's wine bar. "Here we could still solve the mostimportant embassy functions and assist the employees who were still inUkraine," says Ole Egberg Mikkelsen.

He himselfpersonally received several of his usa b2c email list Ukrainian employees as they crossed theborder, and he never forgets the sight of the thousands of camp beds set up inwarehouses near the Polish-Ukrainian border to house Ukrainian refugees.Thousands of people, mostly women, were sleeping on a field bed or mattress ina warehouse in Poland. A few days before, they had lived a completely normallife, where the children went to football. Now they were lying there with justa few plastic bags, a suitcase and maybe a stroller. "It gave an indelibleimpression of the brutality of the war," says Ole Egberg Mikkelsen. OleEgberg Mikkelsen sits at a table in his office in Ukraine Ole Egberg MikkelsenOle Egberg Mikkelsen, since 2020 Denmark's ambassador to Ukraine.

Born 1956in Esbjerg Ole Egberg Mikkelsen graduated in political science from AarhusUniversity in 1984 and began his career as a clerk in the then Ministry ofIndustry. In 1987, he was seconded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asembassy secretary in Vienna and Prague. In 1991, he became ministerialsecretary to the then foreign minister, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen (V) and then todevelopment minister Helle Degn (S). From 1993 he was embassy secretary at theDanish UN Mission in Geneva. I 2000 blev han chef for Fold ud 'So it was a veryloud bang' Today, the ambassador and his staff are long back at the Danishembassy in Kiev and operations are back to normal, as close as you can get in awar-torn country.


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