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Emails to congratulate birthdays offer other services Perhaps you have a collaboration with another company or you yourself offer various types of services for your clients Because not only discount coupons are attractive to customers They are also ideal for driving traffic to the web or reminding the user of the products or services you offer This email from Total Wine More knows how to take advantage of this date very well to send various messages to the client As you can see he offers a discount and presents the customer with three different product options to choose from But what stands out the most is that it places a call to action to redirect the consumer to the page of an stablishment called Cocktail Corner where they can taste different drinks and in addition rent the space for celebrations and parties Something that is completely pertinent when.

Someone is having a birthday Collect more information from leads to offer them segmented products Another of the objectives when sending emails to congratulate birthdays is to obtain more information about the preferences of your clients Configuring preferences in the user profile is usually a process that mobile number list arouses some laziness in customers A birthday greeting is always a positive reinforcement If you make a promise of some benefit the user will be more willing to take a few minutes to fill in this information and get the upper hand This will help you carry out better segmented campaigns optimizing your communications and allowing you to send more relevant content to each of them Create a buzz with a mystery gift emails to congratulate birthday mystery giftAnother good way to increase conversions with birthday emails is to add a bit of mystery to the.

Atmosphere This nursery has chosen to congratulate the birthday and invite the client to come to the nursery in the next few days The hook is that a special gift is waiting for you Arousing the customer s curiosity is usually very effective Customers don t like to feel like they might be missing out on an opportunity In addition it is a great strategy to attract your customers to your physical space As you can see sending emails to congratulate birthdays is simple and reports very good results in all kinds of businesses In addition you can use them to achieve a large number of objectives Among them improve your brand image reactivate users retain customers or promote other types of actions that improve the conversions of your business If you are looking to increase your conversions with massive and well segmented mailings in your email automation campaigns.


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