How can we speed things up to save time and money?

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Work better, but not more hours!" It seems that this is the topic of the 21st century, because we all work hard, but perhaps it would be better to do it in a way that spreads more to us. We are going to propose 6 changes that seek the same thing, that you work better, without having to spend more time on it. Let's situate ourselves in the day-to-day life of any Spanish company, especially those dedicated to providing professional services, such as agencies or consultants: Meetings continue to take longer than desired, project planningit can be better controlled and deadlines with clients should be met more often.
In relation to all this, optimizing your work time would help you change the way you face things. It would allow you to carry out tasks faster and more efficiently, which, in the end, would lead Phone Number List to better results. Managing time, delegating and communicating is essential. If you optimize work, we sleep more and better, eat healthy and varied food, and dedicate more time to our family, we will undoubtedly be much happier . But how can we achieve a more productive strategy? Carrying out, simply, these 6 small changes: 1. Work less but smarter how to optimize your workFor most people the easiest goal is also the hardest to achieve.

Stop doing so many things at the same time and postpone the less important ones as many times as necessary. Focus on the most important issues and make sure you give yourself a deadline by which to start the less urgent ones. You can do that by creating a scale that indicates the urgency of each of your obligations. Add each new task to this scale of priorities, to distinguish which cannot be postponed and which can wait. Look for a tool that can help you plan and manage this scale of priorities . Even if it's just a color code, if it works for you and your teammates too, it will be enough. In Teamleader, for example, we have added this color scale, among many other things, so that our users can see at a glance what is urgent and what can wait.


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