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This technique is also used to create volumetric images. Modeling Concepts Modeling Concepts Without further ado, let's say that in modeling we use a computer program to create a model of a character. If you want the model to move, you need some computer code. There are three main types of modeling, which are distinguished by the method by which volumes are obtained. Polygons This approach is classic. To specify keypoints in space, manually enter the , , and coordinates. The points are connected by line segments that become the edges of polygons (polygons). Polygons can vary in shape, color and texture.

Therefore, a retopology phase is necessary, or in phone number list other words, creating a new mesh of the model and reducing the polygon count. This can be done in using the tool. When building topology, it is best to use so-called loops (the term comes from the English word ) for bends. This will make the further skinning process easier and provide more natural animation. Scanning At this stage you need to unfold all parts of the mesh so that the textures can be accurately mapped to the model. If we need to add details, we can give more space to the development of specific parts of the object.

Stages of creating a character model Stages phone number list of creating a character model It is best to hide seams in places that are less visible, such as armpits, bends of limbs, etc. When creating a sweep, we use , which has a set of tools for this purpose. Card Baking Creating texture maps is an automatic process. They are used (for example, normal maps, ambient occlusion, etc.) to transfer detail from the most detailed high poly models to simplified models. You need to export both models separately, then import them into the application and bake them with a few mouse clicks.

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