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At that time, even the lubricants for their cars weresubsidized, Mongolians started to produce their own glass without losing facefrom either Russia or China. At the patent center, more than 300 car glasspatents in Russian were copied and studied one by one. At that time, hedeveloped a feasibility study in his notebook and made a choice of technology.I went to the Trolleybus Depot, which was established in 1989, and said,"Let's build a factory and make glass for your trolleybus." Pleaselet me rent your place." The management at that time accepted and evenexempted me from the rent payment at first.

Thus, in cooperation with Krasnoyarsk Latest Mailing Database scientists, thanks toleather shirts, sheepskin coats and Monel televisions, a technological transferfrom Russia was created. Since then, L. Ariunbold has been "glassing"Mongolia only in one part. Cars, wagons, trolleybuses and buses were drivingwith full windows. Driving with full glass first ensures the safety of thedriver and passengers. Secondly, at a time when even the lubricants for theircars were bought with aid, Mongolians produced their own glass, which did notlose face from either Russia or China. In other words, he was doing what theSoviet and Mongolian governments used to do, repairing the broken glass of theentire transportation industry.

Years ago, a car windshield factory in Mongolia purchased 50Monel TVs, 500 leather shirts and sheepskin coats from their Russian brothersand put them into operation. Car glass was in great demand and people with carswere able to pay. Although the industry was falling, there were quite a fewpeople who implemented innovative projects like L. Ariunbold. But like autoglass, many went bankrupt because their customers weren't ready. The story ofL. Ariunbold's friendship with glass is related to his secondary schoolteachers. Although Tawan Yellow School No. 12 was in the suburbs, it had goodscience teachers.


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