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It is an online, fluid and scalable tool , which offers multiple advantages. With it, companies can provide a quality experience to both their customers and their employees . The Zendesk Customer Service program is a solution for all types of businesses. It is based on an open and flexible platform, easy to configure and fully customizable . Among its most important statistics, the following stand out: +100 thousand clients +5000 global employees Presence in 160 countries and customer territories Impressive, isn't it? Do you want to see it in action? Check out his client stories to learn how he drove results in each case. What are the types of help desk that exist? Now that you know what the Zendesk online helpdesk is, you need to know what types of helpdesk exist.

These can be divided into 6 classes: business help desk Within the types of help desk, this class stands out for its specialized design for large companies . It is best suited for organizations that need help to operate on a larger scale. Help desk open source This help desk is characterized by allowing companies to modify the source code of the system to customize it according to their needs . Internal help desk The Phone Number List main function of this type of help desk is to provide support to the employees of an organization . It is essential when ensuring a good internal customer experience. Read: Employee experience: internal help desks and the future of work . On-premise help desk It offers the possibility of saving the data of companies with strict security policies on their own servers and thus minimizing any risk.

Help desk website This help desk is characterized by being hosted on the server of the software provider . They usually work with a subscription system. Help desk in the cloud This kind of help desk is hosted on remote servers of a software provider. The difference with the web help desk is that it can scale based on customer demand thanks to cloud computing . Are you wondering what is Zendesk online helpdesk according to the types? This system can be framed as in the cloud since it uses cloud computing technology to promote remote work . You want to know more? See Advantages of cloud computing: 7 reasons to trust the cloud . What it takes to be a help desk analyst It is useless to know what Zendesk online helpdesk is and to implement it if you do not have the necessary human capital.

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