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What is the patient journey The patient journey refers to a patient's experience with a health institution through all points of contact: initial interaction (phone or face-to-face), admission, medical care, hospital discharge, and subsequent service. In addition, a recent study pointed out the impact of the health crisis in the framework of health institutions: increased patient expectations about quality, efficiency, and equity of care; need for remote care; shortage of medical personnel; increase in per capita costs; need to adopt digital technologies such as . The results of a business depend on the user experience. According to Zendesk's CX Trends 2023 report , personalization of interactions and seamless operations are critical.

The health system requires fluid experiences strengthened with digital resources, and surveys confirm the population need. Download Zendesk's full CX Trends 2023 report for free to learn more about user preferences. Customer Experience Phone Number List Trends Report 2023 download here How the patient experience is measured Some of the advantages of understanding what the patient journey is are: Identify pain points in or gaps in patient care;  contact points (provide information to the user, delivery of a quality service and continuity of service); Measure the performance of health providers and patient satisfaction during the course of the experience; How do you measure the patient experience, then? One of the easiest methods is to use the following types of satisfaction surveys.

CSAT: Customer Satisfaction Score The CSAT, Customer Satisfaction Score is a survey with which you can measure the percentage of patients satisfied with the service. In this type of survey, patients respond if they are: very dissatisfied; dissatisfied; indifferent; very satisfied. CES: Customer Effort Score The CES (Customer Effort Score ) is one of the ways to measure customer satisfaction that analyzes the effort that a patient made to contact the health center. For example, how long did it take you to answer an emergency call or to schedule an appointment. NPS: Net Promoter Score The NPS, Net Promoter Score , is a type of survey that measures patient satisfaction with a particular service. Using a numerical rating, customers can rate their level of.

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