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More coins  litecoin compared to bitcoin increased the number of coins by  times  it is these advantages that attract most miners
Disadvantages of litecoin in principle of operation
Mining cryptocurrency litecoin involves several disadvantages:

Due to the fact that blocks are generated very quickly, users may soon incur double costs;
Compared to bitcoin, the system has to the mobile number list for a low currency turnover;
Litecoin also has a rather unstable exchange rate, which is constantly falling  that, on the contrary, rising;
is stolen, the funds will no longer be returned

Litecoin exchange rate analysis
The complexity of operations with litecoin lies in the fact that the exchange rate is constantly jumping  so, for example, in , the currency cost only  cents, and already in  -  dollars  since then, jumps in virtual currency are still observed  for example, on april , , the forecast rate is $

Mining litecoin
So, let's figure out how to mine litecoin ltc  the algorithm of this process is similar to the bitcoin algorithm  the main difference is that the lightcoin algorithm uses ram to its full potential (see  blockchain: what is it in simple words? How does blockchain technology work? )

The main differences between mining litecoin and bitcoin
Litecoin mining on the processor has the following differences.


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