The Importance of Email Marketing

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This is the reason why the word service is embedded in the name of the company so that anyone can see it. Data is back in the spotlight S. Bolor-Erdene, executive director of Mogul Service, jokingly says, We built our data center from home, sitting behind our screens. Indeed, the company has learned the technology, methods and culture to be able to work remotely for as long as necessary. But the reality was a little different from what S. Bolor-Erdeni said. Specifically, between  and , during the outbreak of Covid-, there were days when he and the team overcame so many challenges, such as the great work that took place during the outbreak of Covid.

The difficulties surrounding it, the sudden curfew and usa b2c email list the disruption of construction materials caused by the closure of borders. Microsoft , a suite of cloud-based office application services, can be fully utilized in the digital environment without any technological barriers. Today, when many technology companies are established and various products and services are created, the main foundation and infrastructure to continue their activities without interruption is strong data centers. The next big move for them was to build their own data center to meet the demand of the growing market and to provide more opportunities to their customers. Making the infrastructure and basic.

Development of e-services more accessible and reliable is a far-sighted decision not only to accelerate the development of the IT sector, but also from an economic point of view. However, the idea of ​​building a data center is not new for Mogul Service. We have been discussing this for the first time since around , and we have been studying suitable solutions, but we kept postponing it due to the fact that the time was not right and the market was not ready yet. But they were well aware that it was only a matter of time before cloud technology became widely used. So put your plans aside, focus on the present, and do your previous work better img.


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