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However, the biggest surprise came in the municipal elections that were held in parallel. In it the PC, but especially the FA, managed to snatch populous and iconic municipalities from the right. From popular communes to some of the upper middle class, the proposal of this coalition managed to attract surprising support. In communes that included iconic right-wing mayoral positions, such as the one in the downtown Santiago commune, where the La Moneda building is located, and Maipú, the second commune with the most inhabitants in the Metropolitan Region, the victory was undeniable.

In these communes were electedIrací Hassler , 30 years old and Singapore Phone Number List from the PC, and Tomás Vodanovic , also 30 years old and from the FA, as well as Javiera Reyes in Lo Espejo. Added to these results are triumphs in Viña del Mar , Valdivia and other locations. Several of these victories are surprising because they occur precisely in the municipal space. These elections have historically been marked by client networks and consolidated party machines, which have made it difficult for third parties to arrive. In addition, one of the most striking things about the victories of the left pact is its transversality in socioeconomic terms.

From popular communes dominated by working classes, such as Lo Espejo, to upper-middle class communes such as Ñuñoa, where Emilia Ríos (32 years old, from the FA) won the mayor's office, practically the entire social ladder of the capital city is covered, and both have remained in the hands of mayors of the new leftist coalition. Even in the district of Las Condes, the iconic residence of the country's upper classes and stronghold of votes for the right, an FA candidate, The reasons for this massive arrival at the municipal offices are diverse. Undoubtedly, a central part lies in the political crisis unleashed since.


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