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Virtual Reality Virtual reality creates a virtual world using rendered 3D images to create an entirely immersive experience in an interactive environmental simulation a user experiences through a VR headset. these immersive environment s are huge regarding file size. That is why These images are typically rendered using the computing capabilities of cloud services like Amazon Web Services or the Google Cloud Platform and then streamed directly into a personal VR headset. As more individuals and companies become increasingly reliant on the cloud for different aspects of their live s cybersecurity , SaaS , business, and entertainment companies like.

Amazon and Google have made massive investments to ensure Phone Number List cloud security for all data transmitted through or stored on the cloud. Augmented Reality AR is different from VR in that it simply adds digital elements like images, texts, and other forms of media to your live real -life surroundings rather than immersing you into a completely different virtual environment. The computing power necessary to make AR a Truly interactive experience is astounding. Augmented reality technology needs to accurately register real and virtual objects in real-time within a user's immediate environment and overlay sensory information.

The sensory information can be visual, audio, haptic, olfactory, or somat osensory. Use VR and AR to Enhance Customer Experience and Improve Processes? When it comes to using VR and AR in the business world, there are two main types of use external-facing and internal-facing.External-facing uses include utilizing VR and AR to enhance the customer experience. Internal-facing VR and AR can increase organizational efficiency and enhance employee experience. Let's look at some of the ways companies are using VR and AR to enhance bo th the external and internal -facing operations of their business activities. External-Facing VR and AR When it comes to how a business interacts with its customers.


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