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The cancellation decision complies with the Finnish government's instructions on canceling public events with more than 500 people. Tonight's concert has also been cancelled. Already redeemed concert tickets will be refunded to customers. Season tickets are refunded for the portion of canceled concerts. Instructions for applying for returns can be found at this link. The orchestra actively monitors the situation and maps the possibilities of a replacement program.

The Helsinki City Orchestra apologizes for the inconvenience caused Switzerland Phone Number List the situation to all parties involved. We want to ensure the safety of our events for the audience, performers and our staff. Immediately in the title of the announcement, it is stated what has been cancelled. At the beginning of the text, the matter is clarified by also telling the place and time (at the Musiikkitalo, until the end of May, including tonight's concert.

In the same paragraph, the reason for cancellation is also stated (Finnish government's instructions). The second paragraph describes how the cancellation is refunded to the participants of the event (paid back, refunded). In addition, a link is given to more detailed instructions on how to get a refund in practice. The third paragraph outlines plans for what could be offered in place of the canceled events (exploring the possibilities of a replacement program). In the last paragraph, we apologize for the effects of the cancellation (sorry for the inconvenience caused by the situation.


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