Young Bara star called up for Israel

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At the age of just 16, Gai A sulin has been named in Israels squad for the full international friendly against China on March 26th. Gai who usually plays on the left side was born  Jacob Bobenmoyer Jersey on April 9,1991 in Nahariya.A sulin started his career in the Beitar Tubruk youth ranks, in 2003, Eric Saubert Jersey  when he was just 12, his team coach back-then Shlomo Scharf, proposed Gais parents to consider taking their young prospect to try out for Barcelonas youth ranks, they did, and Gai was accepted.A sulin has long been considered one of the best prospects  Brian Dawkins Jersey in the world, and Barcelona have rejected offers from Arsenal and Chelsea.On August 2007, A sulin graduated to the FC Barcelona B team, and was offered a new contract, a senior contract  Frank Tripucka Jersey (a contract granted only after the player turns 16) for another 3 years and a 20M buy-out clause.On September 5 2007 when he was only 16-years old A sulin made his senior debut Malik Reed Jersey  with the first team against Girona FC in the semi-final of the Copa Catalunya, entering in the 46th minute of the game.

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