Keirrison will not leave in June

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In an (Jovem Pan), Keirrisons father, Mr. Adir, said Justin Murray Jersey  that his son is very happy in Palmeiras, and that he wont leave the team in june. He also said: money is not important, the most important is that he gets better and now he wants to be in the Brazilian Team.But the fact is that wasnt easy to Palmeiras to buy Keirrison. His Arizona Cardinals Jersey  contract with his former team, Coritiba, would end in April, and rumors said that he  Andy Isabella Jersey would go direct to Europe; Athletic Madrid, Valncia and Barcelona were especulated.Palmeiras paid R$2MI (almost US$1M) just to be able to have him now. And, even this way, some say that he has already planned his transfer to Athletic Madrid in june.Keirrison is not  Malcolm Butler Jersey a player of Palmeiras; his rights belong to a company called Traffic  the same group of investors that bought Henrique and sold him six months later to Barcelona. They can sell the player whenever they want, and if they have some pre-agreement with Athletic Madrid, theres nothing Palmeiras can do.In the end James Conner Jersey , the players choice will be the future, so I hope his father knows what he is talking.

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