Man Utd to move for Roma youngster

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Italian newspaper from Rome Il Romanista has reported that Man Utd are interested  Thomas Hennessy Jersey in signing 16-year old striker Davide Petrucci from Roma after the Italian youngster rejected a 1000/month contract from his current club. After the Matt Ammendola Jersey  succe s of bringing up Giuseppe Ro si in the Man Utd academy, after signing him early from Parma, and currently bringing up Federico Macheda (after  Saquan Hampton Jersey signing him from Lazio), Sir Alex Ferguson may  Keyshawn Johnson Jersey be ready to add Petrucci to the Red Devils academy.Petrucci is a regular player for the Italian Under 17 squad and is a very hot prospect for the future, especially if he chooses his club wisely. Man Utd have an exceptional Elijah Moore Jersey  track record of producing star players in their academy.

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