Ranieri I would keep Tiago Ranieri I would keep Tiago

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Juventus coach Claudio Ranieri has said that if it  Carl Davis Jersey were up to him, he would hold onto Portuguese international flop Tiago. Tiago, although he did not show anything with Juventus in his first season with Juve, could  Cole Strange Jersey get the second chance if it were up to Ranieri to decide what to do about him. Atletico Madrid are deemed to be interested in Tiago and therefore it would make it difficult  Shaun Wade Jersey for Ranieri to get his wish.However Ranieri has not kept his wishes secrets as he also continues to pre s on the Juventus management to bring new faces Devin McCourty Jersey  in the Bianconeri squad.The best players for me this season were Zanetti, Molinaro, Salihamidzic and Nocerino, said Ranieri.I would keep all of Joshuah Bledsoe Jersey  them, and the same goes for Tiago to.

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