Match Report Barcelona vs Manchester Uni

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Cristiano Ronaldo  Benson Mayowa Jersey mi sed the chance to give Manchester United an away goal, and a definitive advantage, as they battled to a 0-0 draw at the Nou Camp last night.The chance came in the form of a penalty, conceded by Barca defender Gabriel Milito within the first 90 seconds of the game. In an attempt to clear an early United cro s, Milito handled the ball, with the referee immediately pointing to the Tre Flowers Jersey  spot.Ronaldo after his early penalty mi s. Photo  AFPIt was up to Manchester Uniteds golden boy to put the visitors ahead, and although he forced keeper Victor Valdes the wrong way, his penalty kick did not elude the post. With noone following in for the rebound, the chance was lost.The rest of the game was somewhat of an anticlimax, with Barcelona dominating po se sion. However, they could not penetrate the United defence in any great degree. Nonethele s, Edwin Van Der Sar was #12 Jersey  forced into a few, albeit routine saves, including a strike from substitute Thierry Henry which he palmed away, safely.In  Cortez Kennedy Jersey a post match interview, Ronaldo vowed to make up for his mi s. I will score at Old Trafford, he said.United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was admament that his team put on a good display, although the rather lacklustre game did not prove Fergusons pre match prophecy true. Before the clash, Ferguson stated that his team would attack Barcelona, but this did not come to fruition during a match where they were defending for the most part. However, if  Alex Collins Jersey United are to ensure the first ever all-English Champions League final, then they will have to attack, and attack well, in teh second leg next Tuesday night.

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