Match Report Turkey vs Switzerland

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Turkey and Switerland headed to St. Jakob-Park both needing a win to stay alive at EURO 2008. It was a match played out in the worst of conditions with rain heavily damaging the pitch with talks of the game even being called off Kordell Stewart Jersey  luckly this didnt occur.The match started with Turkey attacking early but the conditions made their attacks difficult and not alot was being created. Turkey mi sed a chance in the 29th minute seconds later Switzerland had hit the lead.  Plaxico Burress Jersey 19-year-old Eren Derdiyok was played through and he showed fine composure to square for Yakin two yards out. The ball stuck in a puddle for what seemed like years but finally Carlos Davis Jersey  reach Yakin who tapped it in for a 1-0 lead.Turkey came out firing in the 2nd half and managed to equalise in the 58 minute of the head of Senturk. After this the intensity was raised both teams looking for the winner and recieving 4 yellow cards in the proce s (Hakan Balta, Aurelio and Tuncay Alan Faneca Jersey  for Turkey, and Derdiyok for Switzerland) the game was starting to get heated.Both teams kept pre sing and Arda popped up in the 90+2 to keep the Turkish hopes alive by netting the winner. Turkey Terrell Edmunds Jersey  have become widely known as the Comeback Kings of EURO 2008 and will look to continue this in their semi final.Turkeys Line Up. VolkanH. BaltaE. AsikC. ServetH. AltintopA. TuranT. MetinM. AurelioG. KaradenizS. TuncayK. Nihat

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