Whats Wrong with Il Bomber Whats Wrong with Il Bomber

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Having won the scoring 24 goals with Bayern Munich in his first Bundesliga season yet Luca Toni has still not found the back of the net in the three matches he played with Italy in Euro 2008. Tonis deadly abilities infront of the net seem to be slightly weak in the opening moments of the tournament yet a player of his calibre Amani Bledsoe Jersey  is expected to return his playing minutes with goals for the Azzurri. So we ask what went wrong for Toni in the opening 3 games?Hes yet to score for Italywill it be against Spain?Italy vs HollandHolland dumped Italy 3-0 in a match where Holland killed off all hopes of the Azzurri and Toni only A.J. Brown Jersey  had a couple of chancesThe Oranje spirit and boosted morale by their play and surprise attacks left Toni stunned on the attack.Italy vs RomaniaThis should have been the match where Toni opened his scoring account! He had a goal clearly on-side disallowed for a blatant stupid offside position according to the ref (during the match.as after he realised it was a mistake). That disallowed goal left him baffled and could not hit the back of the net in the remaining second half.Italy  Mekhi Sargent Jersey vs FranceEverything arrived in the best way for Toni but the Bayern Munich striker who netted two late goals to knock out Getafe from the Uefa Cup Final could not show his real cla s infront of goal Excellent clear chances for Toni and he could have put Italy 3-0 Taylor Lewan Jersey  or even 4-0 ahead at half-time. He mi sed alot of easy chances yet at least he got a penalty converted by Pirlo and got Abidal sent offNext: SpainUntil now, Italy have accomplished what they aimed forqualify from the Group of Death.. Yet they are still disappointed with Tonis form and if Italy beat Spain I just cannot see Toni being the odd performer in that match and Toni is definitely set to shine in that match or else it is either Italy out of the Euros or Toni out of the Italy squad against Holland or Ru  Jayon Brown Jersey sia.

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