Palmeiras 20 LDU still a chance in Liber

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Palmeiras beat LDU last night and maintained the chances to go to the playoffs: youtube: After the elimination in Campeonato Paulista, Luxemburgo decided to return to a formation with three center-defenders, the formation used in Palmeiras best games.  Davion Davis Jersey In last night game it didnt make a differential, and Palmeiras played bad once more.Last night Palmeiras had a hard time to create Andy Janovich Jersey  chances because the team didnt take it time to set up it attacking force in enemys field. Instead, the strikers were always targets of long pa ses, in the middle of lots of LDU defenders and with no one to play with.In the first half two players played especially bad: Lenny, which couldnt create one play or dribble, and Fabinho Capixaba, always trying to do a individual play and losing the ball.For the second-half Luxemburgo took out Fabinho, and instead Garret Wallow Jersey  of three center-defenders, played with a four-men defensive line, with Maurcio Ramos as a the right back. The subbed-in, Marquinhos, played as Isaac Yiadom Jersey  a right-midfielder.The modifications were not as decisive as Palmeiras lucky: two minutes after the break, Marquinhos takes the corner, LDUs goalkeeper fails to hold the ball and Marco scores.Some minutes later, the opposite goalkeeper has to be subbed-out, and the reserve goalkeeper fails to stop Diego Souzas long range free kick, which gave final numbers to the game.Now Palmeiras has one week to prepare for the most  Jimmy Morrissey Jersey decisive game against Colo-Colo, away, next Wednesday. Only a win will guarantee Palmeiras in the playoffs.

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