Full Squad for Dortmund Test Full Squad for Dortmund Test

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Del Piero returns with the Juventus squad in action tonightAfter beating Brondby 2-1  Cheyenne Labruzza Jersey in another pre-season friendly, Juve now face Boru sia Dortmund tonight at 18.30. Match will be broadcast live and exclusive on Juventus Channel. Del Piero, Camoranesi, Chiellini, Knezevic are amongst the players that will be availble for Ranieris Peyton Heck Jersey  team selection. This will  Tyvis Powell Jersey be a very important game for Juventus and Ranieri who will try to adapt the perfect tactic in preparation for the Champions League preliminary round. Marchisio and Giovinco stay unavailable until now as they are training with the Italy Olympic side in prepartion for the Beijing Olympics. This will be an exciting Anthony Duruji Jersey  match featuring Trezegeut, Amauri, Del Piero and Iaquinta on the front-line being  Ole Miss Rebels Jersey either Amauri-Iaquinta or Del Piero-Trezegeut though Ranieri may try to experiment some new styles.AmauriBuffonCamoranesiChielliniChimentiDel PieroEkdalGrygeraIaquintaKnezevicLegrottaglieMarchionniMellbergMolinaroNedvedPoulsenSalihamidzicSi sokoTrezeguetZanettiZebinaAriaudoEspositoNocchiRo si

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