Mirassol 23 Palmeiras best start since 1

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Tonight Palmeiras beat Mira sol and maintened the hot streak: now the team has 8 victories in 8 games in the year (in Brazil the season starts Jimmy Graham Jersey  in January, which means Palmeiras still 100% this season). youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=Twf91Z8uG5E The best player of the game was Diego Souza, with one goal and two a sists. Its good for the team not to be dependent of one or two players. And since the Miami Hurricanes Jersey  team is playing a fast football, with the players running to create spaces and options, its easier to the midfielders to create the plays, ex. the third goal.(Diego Souza)The unbeatable serie is the best one since 1920, when the team started the year  Ray Lewis Jersey with 11 wins in a row. This season recordsalmeiras 1x0 Santo AndrMogi Mirim 0x3 PalmeirasPalmeiras 3x0 MarliaPalmeiras Miami Hurricanes College Jersey  5x1 Real PotosPonte Preta 2x3 PalmeirasReal Potos 0x2 PalmeirasPalmeiras 4x1 SantosMira sol 2x3 PalmeirasDuring the week, Palmeiras actual team was compared to the squad of 96, also commanded by Luxemburgo, champion of the regional tournamente with 83 points in 30 games, only one defeat and 102 goals scored. That squad had some famous players: Cafu, Rivaldo, Djalminha David Njoku Jersey  and Mller.I hope 09 team doesnt last just 6 months, and Palmeiras can achieve more than the regional title.

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