Top 10 EVER Manchester City Players No.

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This blog is designed to choose  LeBron James Jersey the greatest ever Manchester City player in my opinion (remember I am only young!). I shall publish one of these every now and again until finally we reach the best player ever to have embraced Maine Road or The City of Manchester Stadium! *DRUM ROLL PLEASE!* NUMBER 8 >>>Ali Benarbia 2001-2003, 78 appearances, 11 goalsHe was only at Manchester  Jarrett Allen Jersey City for just under two years, and yet Ali Benarbia did enough in that brief stay and captured the hearts of the City faithful. Outrageously gifted, Ill forever lament  Damyean Dotson Jersey the fact we didnt pick him up when he was younger. Wonderful at creating space for himself with an instinct for a pa s that showed his superb perception, Benarbia became a firm favourite. The Algerian midfielders eye for a killer pa s, his skill on the ball and  Thon Maker Jersey his ability to chip in with a few goals were all major factors in the succe s of the team in 2002, if only we had him now to link up with Superman! The talented player scored some outrageous goals at Maine Road. Diving headers, majestic 30 yards freekicks, 12 yards pile drivers, your name it, Ali could stick it in the back of the net! Benarbia certainly rates higher than his fellow midfielder Berkovic as  Collin Sexton Jersey he was more of a team player and he was the pinnacle of a stylish team to watch.

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