UEFA deem Ruuds goal good UEFA deem Ruuds goal good

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Uefa have confirmed that the Swedish officials acted appropriately in allowing Ruud Van Nistelrooys opening goal to stand in last nights victory over Jeremiah Martin Jersey  Italy.Although Christian Panucci was off the pitch at the time of the goal, he was deemed to Jamal Crawford Jersey  be playing Van Nistelrooy onside.UEFA general secretary David Taylor commented: If we did not have this interpretation then what could happen is the defending team could step  Jeff Green Jersey off the pitch to play offside and that is clearly unacceptable, UEFA general secretary David Taylor.We have to have the laws as simple as po sible for the referee to interpret and for tactical use of the  Rodions Kurucs Jersey laws if you introduce other interpretations. As a defender you are in play unle s you have Nate Sestina Jersey  permi sion to be off the field.Holland went on to beat the reigning World Champions 3-0 thanks to further goals from Sneijder and Van Bronckhorst.Source: Football365

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