Higginbotham Happy At Sunderland

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Stoke  Malcolm Brogdon Jersey target, former captain Danny Higginbotham looks unlikely to make the move back to the Potteries after an interview in which he claims he is content at Sunderland and has heard nothing from Stoke. Higginbotham Goga Bitadze Jersey  said, Ive heard nothing from Stoke. Im at a huge club here and its really going places, adding, Until anybody tells me different, then  Brian Bowen Jersey I really want to be here.  Stokies will remember the remarkably similar coments he made  T. J. Warren Jersey at Stoke last year, just before joining Sunderland, so if form is anything to go by,a move for the 29 year  Edmond Sumner Jersey oldmay not be dead in the water just yet.

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