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Francois Clerc is one of the eight Olympique Lyon players that have been named in Domenechs provisional squad for Euro Sekou Doumbouya Jersey  2008. He is 25 years old and his best position is at right-back. He started his career at Olympique Lyon in 2002, and has remained loyal to his childhood club.  Jordan McRae Jersey He was loaned out for the 2004/05 season at Toulouse, but since then has gone to establish himself as a regular for Lyon on the right flank of defence. His main rival at the club is Anthony Reveillere. During his time at the club, Lyon have ALWAYS triumphed in Ligue 1.For France, Clerc made his debut on  Rodney McGruder Jersey the 11th October 2006 in a game against the Faroe Islands. Since then, he was used as a back-up to France regular Willy Sagnol. An injury to the latter in 2007 meant that Francois could get his chance to show what hes worth. He has made a total  LiAngelo Ball Jersey of 9 appearances for France. Sagnol is expected to be the right-back in Euro 2008, and if Clerc participates, it will be as a substitute due to an injury or very bad performance from Willy Delon Wright Jersey  Sagnol.  youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS1wIH_kA5w

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