Trofeo Berlusconi Juventus 1 4 Milan

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Milan redeemed their image against almighty Juventus when they thrashed the Bianconeri by four goals to one in the Trofeo Berlusconi. The match is Marquese Chriss Jersey  one Juve fans will regret as strong defender Giorgio Chiellini picked up a knee injury that will see him on the sidelines during the start of the 2008/2009 season Robert Covington Jersey . Juventus went down in the 21st minute when Jankulovski netted home the opener. Ambrosini got the second goal four minutes later while Phillipo Inzaghi got the third for the nerazzuri in the 51st Sterling Brown Jersey  minute of the game. Consolation came through no other player than Pasquato in the 70th minute with Milan hitting the nail on Juves head with a final goal Chris Clemons Jersey  through Ambrosini.The defeat will put Juve back James Harden Jersey  on a tough training course as the team was thought to be okay after the 4-1 tharshing of Artmedia in teh Champs League.

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