Goodbye Poland Goodbye Poland

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Poland have waited more than 40 years to make it to the European Championships competing but failing  Darius Bazley Jersey to quailfying 12 times in a row they were succe sful and hoping to impre s at Euro 2008 they havnt.Coach Beenhakker has conceded that his side are going out even though they Nick Collison Jersey  can still mathematicaly make it through to the quarter finals.Goalkeeper Artur Boruc who was left to save a penalty in the second game has expre sed his opinon.We have a small chance now but its only  Dennis Schroder Jersey a small chance, Its going to be very difficult in the final group game as Croatia have won both of their games and we have to  Al Horford Jersey go and play them. Its a chance, but a very, very small one and its hard to raise ourselves after what happened in Vienna. Hopefully seeing his son will cheer the goalkeeper up  Deonte Burton Jersey for the final game.

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