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Andr Ooijer is 33 years old and he plays in the positions of  Brandon Manning Kids Jersey right-back and centre-back for Blackburn in the number 2 shirt. He was born in Amsterdam on the 11th July 1974, and is 1.85 metres tall and weighs 74 kilograms. Until  Pontus Aberg Men Jersey this season, he has played for four profe sional clubs since starting his senior career in 1994: FC Volendam, Roda JC, PSV Eindhoven and Blackburn. In the 2007/08 season, his team ranked in the 7th place in the Premier League, with 58 points.  Ooijer made his senior international debut for Holland on the 5th June 1999 in a difficult match  NHL Edmonton Oilers Kids Jersey against Brazil, in which he came on as a substitute for Reiziger, in a game which ended in a 2-2 draw. He has been used regularly for Holland,  Evan Bouchard Jersey when he stays free from injuries, which he is rather prone to. Until today, he has earned 40 caps for Holland. He was called by van Basten for Euro 2008 and a signed the number 2 shirt.Player Rating (out of 10) thanks to Goal.com:Holland vs Italy: 6.5Holland vs France: 8Holland vs Romania: Holland vs Ru sia: 5   youtube:http:// James Neal Kids Jersey youtube.com/watch?v=hduZ0teBcL0

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