Wenger Explains the FULHAM LOSS Wenger Explains the FULHAM LOSS

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Here is Wengers comments on the unbelievable lo s to Fulham a dreadful lo s that puts question marks over the Gunners potetial this season.On the  Michael Taylor Jersey first halfFulham started the game better than us and were sharper in the first half. Although I dont think they created too much if you look at the game as a whole.On the goalThey had a corner and they took advantage from it. That illustrates the first half. We were not sharp enough. We were not first enough on the ball. The corner showed that and we were punished. When you are focu sed you can stop them scoring like that from the middle of the goal.On the reactionAfter that we tried to come back in the second half but I feel we were too nervous in the last 25 minutes and wanted to create on our own rather than keeping our vision around the box. That is what we mi sed a lot today.On what was lackingWe lacked a bit more quality in our pa sing. We you look at the po se sion we had and what we did with it that is always a sign it is not only down power but vision and technical quality. That was not there today. I dont know why.  Adrian Sanchez Jersey You have to credit to Fulham as well.On substituting WalcottYou need to keep a balance. When I brought on Bendtner we already had Van Persie, Nasri and  Hunter Strickland Jersey Adebayor. We needed to win the ball back so we needed to keep three midfielders.On mistakes and regretsIt was the kind of game where you could not afford to make a mistake and we made a ma sive one. It was a game where if you get to half-time at 0-0 then you would win the game. That is the biggest regret I have.On bouncing backThe result is there and we have to cope with it. We have a big game on Wednesday night and we have to respond with a top cla s performance because was we did today was just not good enough Yan Gomes Jersey .The match was disapointing beyond belief Arsenal played the usual game domination but lacked finish probably because Fabregas wasnt in the line up the match really did show how much they need him.Wenger has also added that he WONT BE purchasing anymore players in the transfer window saying the it isnt the solution in this case. When you lose a game the solution is not always to buy, said Wenger. Did we play at our best? I say no and so we have to look at why?Wenger went on to add that last season had some early problems and that the team is almost the same.There were some problems last season but overall they won those early games even if they struggled through them they got the results.The team isnt almost the same with Hleb and Flamini being key exits in the midfield with Nasri looking like a good signing but Mikael Silvestre looks like a make someone happy signing.It maybe early in the season but I am slightly worried it may seem silly because only 2 games have been played but Arsenal looked understrength. They also looked  Austen Williams Jersey understrength and young last season and they came out and played great football lets hope that can happen.We need Fabergas!Final note: Adebayor pull your head in and play 110% for Arsenal

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