Eddie Howe knows Newcastle will have to

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Eddie Howe has admitted Newcastle will need two XIs of equal quality to cope with the rigours of European football next season.The Magpies secured a Europa League campaign at worst with Thursday nights 4-1 Premier League victory over Brighton, and will play in the Maury Wills Jersey  Champions League if they win one of their two remaining games of the current campaign, which continues with struggling Leicesters trip to St James Park on Monday.Asked what that would mean for the summer transfer window, Howe, who has been allowed to spend in exce s of 250million to date, replied: Its a good question. We need to figure that out. If you have a strong squad, rotation will be important. Rotation is going to be important, utilising the whole squad is going to be important.We havent felt the nece sity to nece sarily do Hyun-Jin Ryu Jersey  that on a consistent basis because weve been in one competition  of course, we had the cup run. We have rotated to a degree, but maybe not in the numbers that we might need to next year.If youre going to do that, then the squad needs to be strong enough, so if you put out two XIs, theyre of equal strength.The strength of Howes current squad could be put to the test on Monday evening with his Yasmani Grandal Jersey  midfield resources stretched severely in the aftermath of an energy-sapping clash with the Seagulls.Joe Willock was helped from the pitch in some discomfort with a hamstring injury which the Magpies fear will end his season with two games to go, while Bruno Guimaraes has been nursing a persistent ankle problem in recent months.Howe said as he conducted his pre-match pre s conference: Today Ill be going straight to the physio room, to be honest, after this to see how everybody is. Weve got a few concerns.The lads gave so much yesterday to the game, theyve given a lot to the season physically and I just hope theres no serious effects.It looks like Joe Willock may be in trouble with his hamstring  we might lose him for the season, but thats unclear as I Andre Ethier Jersey  sit here now. Fingers cro sed our team will still be strong.Even redoubtable Brazilian Joelinton is feeling the effects of a gruelling campaign after running himself into the ground in the clubs cause.Howe, who is not anticipating having either Sean Longstaff or Jacob Murphy back  Sandy Koufax Jersey available to face the Foxes, said: Hes a machine. Hed literally  its a well-used phrase in football  run through a brick wall for the team, the club and I think he does every game.He succumbed to that brick wall last night, it seemed to hurt him, but we hope hes okay. Hes just been incredible for us this year.

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